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1 John Paul Caves (nick Name Sandy ") Married Lily Poole Date 1925 One Child Geraldine

These were unusuall times ( Proibition Stills & makeing & selling Beer & whiskey was the biggest activity ) shortly after Jerry was born Possible 4 or 5 years later I remember when Sandy Caves Died
I remember being at there house after it happened the Cause was suppose to have been Appendisix ? 30 t0 40 years I met a person who grew up with Sandy & my Dad Walter Poole and all of the rest of the Poole family ( in Hillyard) and I asked him if he remembered Sandy and he did and told me what he thought happened??? His name Was Walt Whitmen (he lived acros the street from Me) and I took him over to see my dad and thy hardly spoke to each other after all the years that had gone by Walt Whitman did a lot of talking but Waltrer Poole did not I do not know if they ever seen each other again I dsont think that my dad cared for him and Walt Whitman did not care if any one cared for him or not but he did a lot of talking because he knew every thing???
I remember going to Sandy Mon & dad house to visit will Lily & Jerry but I do not remember if that was before or after Sandy Died Sandy had a sister who Married a man named Olbert they had 2 boys Wayne and Bud I remember them all the way threw schools Wayne died at a yound age but Bud is still alive and was working at Kaiser Mead plant
I am sorry but I do not rememver any thing else related to Sandy 
CAVES, John Paul (I112)
2 Born City of Virginia Minesota 25 Sept. 1910 Mabel Berglioth Hansen

Evergreen Memorial Park Seattle Wash
Menory Glen,Center Lawn Lot 28 Division 2 
HANSEN, Mable (I233)
3 Christiania, Norway is now Oslo, Norway HANSEN, Berdlu Kaare (I15)
4 Other potential spelling: Brita Catarina (Olsdatten-Olsdattern)

Mother of Anna Kristina Poole
mother of Walter Poole 
OLSDATTEN, Breta Calarina (I20)
5 Possible date of birth: 27 May 1878 CHRISTENSON, Anna Kristina (I9)
6 Possibly born in Wisconsin, USA HANSEN, Sylvia A (I7)
7 Possibly Roxey, or Roxanne POOLE, Roxie (I41)
8 Possibly spelled Ally POOLE, Allace (I40)
9 Possibly spelled Villie POOLE, Villa Ann (I38)
10 The Daily Inter Lake
Sunday, January 19, 1975
page three

Grant Bakewell

Grant Bakewell, 93, 520-4th Ave. E., died Thursday in Flathead Health Center. He was a retired Kalispell attorney.
Mr. Bakewell was born in Alamakee County, Iowa, Sept. 1, 1881. In 1909 he was married to Laura Jane Picard, who preceded him in death.

Mr. Bakewell practiced law in Montana for 50 years before retiring in 1960. He was an active member of the Epworth United Methodist Church until the time he became ill three years ago.

He was also a member of the Montana Bar Association and had been presented a 50-Year Pin by them for his long service; the Odd Fellows Lodge; and the Scandinavian Fraternity.
Surviving are his widow, Virginia, at the family home; a daughter, Mrs. H. A. (Ruby) Cyrus, Minneapolis, Minn; a grandson, John A. Cyrus, Minneapolis, and three great-great-grandchildren; his stepson, John Haben, Rockville, Md.; a brother, Joseph, Fargo, N.D., and his sister, Mrs. R.O. (Clyffe) Dietel, Sumner, Iowa; nieces and one nephew.
Services will be at 2 p.m. Monday in the Epworth United Methodist Church with the Rev. John S. Lewis, pastor, officiating. Burial will be in Conrad Memorial Cemetery, under the direction of the Weatherford Funeral Home.  
BAKEWELL, Grant Gelemine (I2293)
11 Worked for the Great northern Railway all his life was a switch-man in the yards at Hillyard 7 days a week I believed that he started working for railroad at Kettle Falls, Washington an then moved to Hillyard Walter Poole (my dad remembers living in Kettle falls and living close to the river which is quite different then it is now) Tried to be a farmer part time so he always seemed to have a small farm somewhere close to Spokane, He owned a Star roadster which he took the wheels off in the winter time and put it up on blocks till spring. latter in life he would have a Chev Coupe which he tore the back off of it and made a pickup truck out of it. till it quite running and he would get another one.

I remember seeing him in Hillyard when I was small and he would play the Harmonica and dance a jig in the street (sounds like a musical movie but things were different then really it is hard to believe I also remember he was put in jail quite often and my dad would have to go get him out but no one thought much about it seemed to be a common occurrence in Hillyard at that time he had a friend who was the engineer of the switch engine his name was Chief Campbell (who was the father of Evelyn Campbell Poole wife of Raymond Poole) Th main problem they had was that of getting drunk in the beer parlors in Hillyard and then getting in trouble and go to Jail this was not a real problem because as I said before common occurrence and no one thought much about it. when he was in jail no one seemed to be concerned but when my other Grandpa Burt Hanson was put in jail it was a real tragedy and everyone was excited and grandma cried.and my dad had to get him out as soon as possible because Burt could not spend the nite in Jail. He (Sam Pool) was always referred to as the Old Man He had a large metal bath tub which was him and he would take a bath on the back porch in it the houses did not have a bathroom but I remember the tub was his and no one touched it. Sam and his wife Anna got a divorce and he moved out I do not remember the date but after that he had girl friends and one that I remember real well was named Ruby. 
POOLE, Samuel Harry (I12)